Sunday, July 31, 2011

Best trip ever.

I didn't want to go home , It was only 5 days but it felt like 2 weeks. It was a blast finding roads, camp sites, and rivers and lakes to swim in . No engine problems which was great. I overpacked so bad my bike was nicknamed the mother ship. I had everything in that bike. Woke up in the best mood every morning excited about the sites to see that day and getting loose on the mother ship. I am addicted to this and were going again soon.


  1. That is f'ing amazing... Definitely one of those bucket-list things. Where is that at? Is it a state/federal park or just complete wild?

  2. It was mostly complete wild but we had to get gas everyday so we had to ride some pavement. We were down around three sisters and broken top in Oregon.

  3. Come across any mud bogs? Pile in the Rover?