Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Anyone interested?

This is a spec bike that I'm building. It's a 79 kawasaki KZ400.  I will be selling this build for around $5k  if anyone wants to get on board now with this project email me Holidaycustoms@yahoo.com

Woodland vintage race weekend

 The pits were packed . It was the first race of the season and there were alot of old bikes to look at.

 I had a camera on my helmet which I ended up getting my crash. This guy ran into the back of me and we both went down hard. I broke a peg and had to push it back to the pits, wouldn't start
I kept it pinned and passed a few people and snagged first in my category .

Getting ready to race

 Tavis "the champ" Gardner got his vintage race weapon all finished just in time for the weekends race.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Dan's XS650

Dan brought in his XS for some mods on the rear half of the bike.
 Cut off all the tabs and brackets
 Took a few inches off the rear
 welded the hoop back on

 Seat pan building

 Notching the tank mount for a real clean match between the tank and seat.
 Seat pan brackets welded in
 Foam shaping

 Lic plate and taillight bracket

 Battery box building

 Installing the batt box and igniter unit brackets
 Touch up paint
 Re-wired the whole bike yesterday
Cut out alot of the fat. More pics to come

Wheelie wednesday

 Drake McElroy
 Thor Drake and Drake