Monday, July 28, 2014

Overhaul'n set visit.

 Chris Jacobs and I ham'n it up in the shop.
 Chris playing air piano, and I wondering how I lost an arm
 Chip came over to give us a tour around and show some of his cars and bikes. little did we know this wasn't even close to all of his collection, he has so much cool stuff.

Chip and Chris came out to check out my bike, it was an honor to have a building living legend like Chip Foose take a knee and check out my build.  It was a great day seeing the behind the scenes of the show and meet the cast and crew. Took off in the late afternoon riding down the 101 from huntington to san clemente when my throttle cable broke in Dana point, didn't really mind after such a good day.

Portland monthly spotlight

Check out the whole story from Portland Monthly HERE.

Gone fishing....

Went fishing on the drive back from california. Found this great little zone , got to do some 4x4 'n and fishing. Caught 3 bass all this same size then the cops came down and kicked me out. Sucked cause I really wanted to camp down there.

In the weeds

Took these just before I took off to California. When I came back the weeds were up to the seat.