Friday, July 26, 2013

Next victim...

This is a 1979 kawasaki kz 400 that I'm building for Kari. Just figuring out the stance and ordering some parts.

Monday, July 15, 2013

For sale (SOLD)

1980 yamaha xs400.(SOLD) Rebuilt motor, new tires, headlight/taillight, battery, all new simplified wiring, pod filters, seat ,bars ,chain ect ect.  This bike has been stripped completely down , modified and put back together with cleaned or new parts. It looks silver but is clear coat over sanded metal. Hear it run in this video. Clean clear title in my name.
Email for price info.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Holiday in Sumpter

 Destination Sumpter Oregon  for SFRC's annual trip. We decided to ride dirt which took us 3 days. There are some amazing backroads in oregon.
 We all met at this corner at 12:00 and started our journey

 Amazing views the whole way
 Joe sending it through one of many creek crossings
 First night camp
 Travis "wheelie boy" Gardner getting the morning started right
 Joe and I out of gas
 Waiting for the rest of the pack to realize we are missing. Joe took off his tank ,sloshed all the gas to one side of the tank and we were on our way.
 Our bud Berkely lost it in this puddle and dropped his bike in the water. It took about an hour and a half to get all the water out of the engine and get it started.

 Travis's exhaust started cracking so we mended it with some local fence wire.
 Spencer got a flat so we limped it to the nearest town

 Jared K. had a small tank on his bike so he had to get gas from the big bikes pretty much all the time
 In to town for some more gas

 We showed up at the event to find mini bike races, free beer and lots of friends with story's of their trip out to sumpter.
 Austin aka Joe dirt made an appearance and was taking mini bike racing to the limit
 When all the beer was gone Joe dirt got mad and broke the cooler over peoples heads.
 In the morning Joe Carlino woke up to a flat tire
 Heading back home was just as good as getting out there
 This was a funny time, it was 104 deg we found this lake, started getting our shorts on to swim and some lady starts yelling "your not planning on swimming are you"?   turns out the lake is closed with a health advisory for blue algae . We were wondering why we had the lake all to ourselves .
 Found this guy right next to my bike, thought it was a rattle snake but it was something else
 We rode all day, some 300 plus miles
 Almost home , the sun was setting behind mt. Hood, it was great.
After it was all done we clocked over 800 miles , it was the best trip to date.