Friday, February 28, 2014

Shop monkey's and Arctic monkey's

 Alex from the Arctic monkeys sent me this the other day. One of there show posters with the silhouette of the bike I built for him. And the title of the poster is called XS650.  Feels pretty good.
 Put some silver tank stickers on my bike.
 Shop monkey Travis cutting on his ne Husky flat track project.

Old man winters an asshole...

We tried to go dirt biking , we really needed it, but there is too much snow still.  So we went to a waterfall.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Vintage mud moto

 One of the muddiest Saturday I've seen at woodland mx park.
 Austin blazin through the mud

 Austin's bike didn't like the water.

 Travis pitchin it sideways.

As the others raced around with soggy everything , we just stood around drinking. Nice little saturday

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Heerreeess Johnny!

I didn't name it Johnny but here is the bike that I built for the 1 show  back home safe in the shop.
 Still some work to do on it but its pretty much done.
 I'm going to finish some details on the bars that I ran out of time before the show.

The one motorcycle snow show

 Two story's of motorcycle show this year. Big venue with too many things to look at. Last year we were all riding bikes to the show in t shirts. This year we got around a foot of snow fallowed by freezing rain.
 Here's me. Getting some better photos taken soon.
 Here is my new friend Ashley from canada. Thats all vintage cloth wire around his head that he salvaged from a old elevator . He was cruising around offering a few strands to the other builders.
 Couldn't get a solid picture of Ray Gordans gasser, too many people. This thing is a bad boy, I'm hoping for a ride sometime when the snow melts.
 This was during the day, at night there was about twice as many people.

 The awards. Hand Painted by Nico also known by ornamentalconifer.  Good stuff.
 Little bikes

 Amazing paint
 Lots of pencil rod, and patients
 Travis stuntin in front of the shop