Sunday, April 21, 2013

Seattle supercross

 This was my first pro motorcross race I've been to so It was pretty exciting

 Fireworks and flames!

 We got those box seats with beers and food, not a bad way to spend a sat night at the races
Barcia won .

Friday, April 19, 2013

Tree hugger

Saw this on craigslist this morning.

For sale Yamaha xs 650 (SOLD)

This yamaha xs 650 is currently for sale (SOLD). New tires,tank,seat ,paint,filters,head/taillight, ect. ect.  Highly customized frame and a fresh rebuilt engine Contact for price.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Alley sweeper

 So we invited some friends over on sunday for the sang froid riding club 's 2013 alley sweeper. It's a urban enduro throughout portland's unpaved alley's with meet up points along the way. Estimated around 300 ish people showed up for the ride.
 We had a bubble machine to really get people hyped

 There was every style of bike you could imagine , street legal, illegal dirt bikes, mini bikes, street bikes, scooters , choppers all going through the muddy alley's.

 It was bumper to bumper for the first few miles till people started to get lost. Every turn I made through most of the day you would see bikes that look out of place on a regular day in portland.

 Critical mass on motorcycles

 Joe got some air at a stop called hobo playground
 Birthday boy Java defying gravity
 Bikes were seen broken down through the day.
 The last stop with the bro's. Headed in and had a beer with the few the lasted the whole day.
 Dirt bikes in the city

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Holiday on the lake.

 Everybody loves a guy with a flatbed.  Drove to lake tahoe with my friends Billy and Emma to deliver some furniture that billy made.
 Billy and Emma with Donner lake in the back.
 We stayed the night on the lake and this is what it looked like when the sun went down.

Back home in Cali

 Here is my dad loading a Honda cb 400 4 that he gave me. I'll be taking it back to Portland and see if I can do something with it.
 My parents rep'n holiday in healdsburg.