Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Track and camp

 Met up with some friends at the sandy track for some racing. Good little set up with Joe, Java ,Chris B from dang shades and Chris Grenier from change that tape.

 After the track we jammed up to Mccubbins gulch for some moto camping.

 Chris B has wheelies

Working for the weekend

 I'm making this cool old tank fit on this honda cb 650
Some tail section taillight brackets and a seat pan for this ducati

Friday, July 27, 2012

Tri co pics.

These are some pics from the Tri-co Dice born free 4 party months ago. More pics in here.

Track video

Last tuesday Joe, Java ,Chris B. and Chris G. headed to the track for some practice .Click on track day to watch a video I filmed with the contour camera.

Monday, July 23, 2012

X-treme Holiday

 Java asked if I could judge a snowboard contest at mt hood and I needed something to ride so he gave me this sweet salomon board and binding. Thanks Java
 Here we are getting "prepped" for the contest.
 This is a shot of High cascade snowboard camp and Windells camp.

 Mt. Hood

 This is a buddy Cory Grove's hot dog cart called cobra dogs . Good wieners check em out!
 From there we went to a spot to ride near mt hood and travis got a flat. We got the tube out and a new one in with the shittiest tools .
 This truck showed up with 4 quads on it . It's got me thinking about building on to the flat bed.

Camping out in government camp OR.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Portland air show .

 Enduro- cross training in front of the shop.

 Yeah that's right , airtime airshow.

 This is how joe works on his bike.
Tony showed up with this sweet setup . I repaired the muffler on his old honda.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Gifford pinchot

 Traveled up to washington to a new spot called gifford pinchot.

 Clearing trail
 Danger creek

 Just majestic out there !
Here is a video from sun that joe and I filmed with contour's and joe edited late last night.

Goodbye toolbox.

Came out to go to work and noticed where I usually would see my toolbox , there was only a cable and a cut lock. Thanks asshole.

Thanks Robbie

 It's so nice to look through some crispy new goggles. Thanks Robbie at Arnette . While in southern Ca he gave me some goggles and sunglasses , my summer just got better.