Monday, July 2, 2012

The road to born free

 I packed up the truck for a long trip from portland to southern Ca for born free 4 moto show. I decided to take the dirt bike and camp and ride some trails along the way.

 Stopped in truckee /tahoe and rode this track. Real fun
 I set up camp at night and woke up to this thing close by.
 Boca lake in truckee
 More track time.
 Drove a couple hours and went camping with my family in Twin lakes near bridgeport and mammoth mtn
 Went on a 10 mile hike with some of the fam. If I could do it over I wouldn't .

 Stopped at this gas station for a beverage and ran into these guy's riding from oregon to born free.I actually met up with them at the show and gonna try to meet up back in oregon for some riding.
 And there they go.

 Stopped at this antique store out on the 395, so much good stuff.

 Finally got to the show. Got lost and showed up too late to enter the show but still got to park in the show. Met alot of good people , had a great time . Cant wait for next year.

 Sunday funday.Went to the legions club and had drinks till dark training for the 4th of july.


  1. Awesome meeting you. Hope your trip went better then mine.

  2. Yeah , good meeting you's guy's as well. We should kick some tires sometime.