Friday, January 24, 2014

While I build...check these out

 Took a relaxing dual sport adventure the other day . Train bridge on the willamette river.

 Someday I will get around to purchasing these photos from the 6 hr moto GP race we did.

 Flat track race portraits .
So I'm not going to post anymore photos of the bike i'm building for the 1 show , so random photos will have to do for now. Come check out the show feb 7th-9th

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The 1 show

 The one show is coming around again, crazy it's been a year already.  Feb 7th- 9th  800 SE 10th ave portland ,OR 97214
 Im most likely going to run this bike in the show. Trying to bring 2 bikes , this one and my personal bike.

Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Hangover scramble pics and video

 Hangover scramble is a event that happens every year Washougal MX park in WA. You can camp and party there new years night , or make the trek in the morning. We choose to camp because sign ups are at 6:30 and they start the first race ( vintage ) at 8am .

 Travis "the champ" gardner out in front.
 Austin "chicken wing" Mc Cabe ruling as usual.

 Heres Chicken wing, having Ham and eggs for breakfast
 I was the only tent out there as far as I could tell.
 Lots of good story's from the race. Tim and I were battling for last place. I won!  My little SL 125 finally quit . I only got one lap
 Dirty ass chicken

Here is a video .....