Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Monday monday

 Travis is making a hot shoe for flat track racing.
 I got going on the tail loop and seat pan for the cb 500t.

Then.. I ...  painted my trophy to look like me and my bike. Don't judge me.

The o'l run around.

 Flat track'n happened again this last saturday.

 Tim Webb's motivation on long rides.

 Here's me waaayy out front, or.. was it way behind.
 Me doing some pre race stretches, getting loose.
 My bike looks good next to trophy's but they are not mine....
Travis "the champ" Gardner wins twice at the Salem fairgrounds, he's unstoppable.

Monday, November 18, 2013


 Did a few things For Tobias , Made a sissy bar, mounted the rear fender, modified his kickstand for the new stance, and put on a cable/ pulley rear brake.

 Putting on some fat tires on the Cb 500t. everything is going smooth with this build.

Monday, November 11, 2013

6 hour Moto GP

 The start, dump your bike over run back 20 ft , run back start your bike (hopefully) and get out of there.

 Our GP team was Joe Carlino, Java Fernandez, Big Joe and myself so we called ourselves the J-boys.

 Joe getting after it.

 The track went all over, through fields ,through a moto track ,single track ,rocks . One lap was around 13 miles so it usually took around 25 mins per lap.

 Joe coming around one of many wheat field corners.

 Here's Java giving joe a pep talk for Joe's last lap of the event, telling him things like ,keep it pinned and loosers dont get trophy's and what not.

6 hours of racing, 1 flat tire, gallons of gas burnt, and a couple crashes later we left with 1st place trophy's. I still cant believe it, well I guess I can cause I'm sore as shit as I'm typing up this post.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Flat track race

 The bike still wants to go. Camp bike , vintage race bike, now flat track bike.
 Not a very good photo but you get the idea, oval track ,go as fast as you can till you get dizzy.

 Cody Mcelroy made it from Reno NV, long time friend from my tahoe/reno days.
Travis got 2nd, me... well I got nothing. Better luck next time.

Shop'n around

 My flatbed buddy Austin came by for some minor repairs on his toys before he headed up to washington.

 The CB 500t is coming along, just waiting on some tires to start the build.

 Travis tuned up this YZ 50 for a friend, this thing is crazy fast, not for beginners . 2nd and 3rd power wheelies.