Monday, November 11, 2013

6 hour Moto GP

 The start, dump your bike over run back 20 ft , run back start your bike (hopefully) and get out of there.

 Our GP team was Joe Carlino, Java Fernandez, Big Joe and myself so we called ourselves the J-boys.

 Joe getting after it.

 The track went all over, through fields ,through a moto track ,single track ,rocks . One lap was around 13 miles so it usually took around 25 mins per lap.

 Joe coming around one of many wheat field corners.

 Here's Java giving joe a pep talk for Joe's last lap of the event, telling him things like ,keep it pinned and loosers dont get trophy's and what not.

6 hours of racing, 1 flat tire, gallons of gas burnt, and a couple crashes later we left with 1st place trophy's. I still cant believe it, well I guess I can cause I'm sore as shit as I'm typing up this post.

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