Wednesday, February 29, 2012

FOR SALE 78 xs 650

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This bike is done and for sale. Fresh motor, tires, controls,wires , elect, cables, paint, headlight ,taillight, chain, seat, grips, oil, filters, plugs  and hours and hours of fab time.  Title in my name $10500     pics by

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Holiday in maupen

 Looks like a hams ad.
 We drove two hours east into the high desert and found this old power plant .
 Waterfalls all over.

 Wanted to take this home so bad.
 Stopped up on mt hood on the way back for some shootin
 30/30  22  9mm

 I found some old trash out in the desert.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Snowmo rack.

 Joe needed a rack on his new sled . He bought some angle iron and pencil rod , we cut, bent, drilled, grinded and this is what we came up with.

Not bad

Holiday snowmobiles.

 Joe "sled neck" carlino dropped in on a new toy,

And then when I got home Austin's truck was there full of sled's .There  all around me !

Thursday, February 23, 2012

What is you talking about? Found this online today, made me laugh.

The News about Yamaha XS650 by Holiday Customs

Found a rusty old Yamaha 400 in Portland in 1976, XS650, Jared Johnson practices in the festival clearly know what they want to create. “I have been thinking about how I want this thing I really like to see on the Schwinn cruiser bicycle line., smooth curve. ”
Bike sat for a few months until he was ready to fully immersed in their own projects in his shop. “I did everything but the bike seat. frame took only one week. I rolled metal pipes welded together and then the tire and realized it was not low enough, so I cut off the tail to start. ” frame is completed, Curved lines for the framework behind the idea of the pipeline came to him. “The pipeline was 4 days long, rolling, slotting the rear axle blurted out, walk around to see it for hours, ” he said.
Other features include an old tank Xiamen Jones, he found “some rust to be an awesome”online. He also raised the fork covers the exhaust pipe, front wheel off the seat of a SL175 and the beautiful new church by Motorola in the very talented ginger cushion.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Puppets and lowriders.

I have been thinking about how to build the exhaust for the harley for a while. I like them low and classy.

 The tie wire will be gone soon.
 Joe "blurry face "carlino is back with some new parts. A spool front wheel that he threw together and..
 A new seat!! Thanks

And a new one for me. I messed up the old seat and thought about doing something different. Ginger at out did herself again, looking classy.

 Low    ride   a
This was a mix of Travis and I riding my xs , I build scraper bikes .

And were back.

 My computer has been down for a week or so but were back in action. Me and my shop mates went fishing last saturday.
 St Johns bridge.
 We got access to this sketchy boat launch on the river.
 Boats upon boats.
 Chips ,salsa and alot of beer.
 Boy did we drink that day.
It was a great day out of the shop with friends, but the only thing we caught was a mean buzz fallowed by a hangover.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012