Sunday, July 10, 2011

Adventure time.

Its finally summer here in oregon so I dropped in on a dual sport Honda XL 600.  A few friends bought dirt bikes and have been getting after it while I've been working... it hurt, so I"m ready . It runs great but I gotta do some things like get the seat covered and paint the wheels, engine ect black. Also going to make a desert style headlight deal on the front.  In other news I'm tired of towing a trailer behind my truck , its bad for the tranny, hard to park, requires maintenance , speed limit is 55, bad on fuel mileage and it just sucks. So i'm selling the trailer and building one of these on the back of my ford. It will be a little smaller than the trailer but I will still have room for 3-4 bikes and a place to sleep. Thats all a guy really needs.

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