Monday, January 21, 2013

Vintage dirt video

 I shot and edited this video of my friends racing in last weekend's vintage dirt race. These old bikes sure don't look comfortable to ride. Might as well be a hardtail .


  1. Haha! You know.. I've never ridden a dirt bike, let alone a modern one... All I know is 'vintage'. as the first bike I ever rode with the 74' CL360 I built.. Right now, I'm on the hunt for an old SR500 or XR500. Even the old DT's 2 - Pingers would be a hoot.. someday. That race looks so damn fun!! my level, racing.. Vintage, Heavy and low.. I'm not much of a high flyer, haha, im sure those lighter modern dirt bikes are an insane ride.

  2. Yeah It looks so fun . I'm hoping to get a vintage dirt bike bike for next year. Last year for my trail bike I had a 86 honda then got a 2005 husky and it was such a big difference.