Friday, October 21, 2011

A couple days .

 I've been waiting on parts for Kyle's harley, some showed up so it's time to get started . This will be my first harley build so I'm pretty excited. Bought some firestone coker tires that are going to look great with this "71"
 Painted the walls and organized the shop a bit one day. It was getting a little cluttered and clutter drives me nuts. I spend so much time in here I needed to make it inviting.
 Here is two pics of huge dead salmon. All there heads and guts were missing, the opposite of what you want out of a fish, it was the weirdest thing still cant figure it out.

 The trails were wet and slick clay mud didn't help jason on this hill.

Ewok forest .

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  1. Oh, the second moon of Endor. (finger pushing glasses up nose motion)