Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bigger is better?

 So this is how the story go's.... I didn't have much room for motorcycles with vegetable oil ,tool box's, gas , ramps coolers ect. in there.  So I put my bed up for sale on craigslist and no one called for 3 weeks . Then I got my first call and he wanted it right away so I had to go into flat bed mode .
 Squeezed my truck into his garage and..
 Hooked a come-along to the bed and the rafters in his garage and got it off.
 I'll miss you o'l bed.
 Bad boy!
 Here is austin next to his truck that we flat bed'd about a year ago.
 This box was for sale for $400 brand new. When the transition was made and they forklifted it on his truck,  reality set in , the thing is huge and is 1200 pounds, We were both saying "what did we just do"? So I might be re-thinking my box truck idea.
So this is what I have today, just the frame. I need to get the decking on soon and get my grease tank in, I've been driving around on diesel lately and ... well , it suck's, so expensive.

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