Saturday, May 25, 2013


 This tank had at least 4 different colors on it . The acid had a hard time getting it all off , what a mess.
 Here is the outcome . This bike is gonna be pretty cool.

 In other news my husky is down with headset bearings on the way.
Travis's KTM also down with bearings on the way. We might get our parts wed so maybe next weekend we will get out in the woods. It has been raining non stop here in portland and everyone is feeling a little cooped up.


  1. I think it is the first time you aren't using spoke wheels for your custom bikes? Looks very nice!

  2. Hey... first one to notice, nice. Yeah this is a big step for me , I always dodge the mag wheels but i'm really liking this one, thanks.- Jared

  3. Do you every use American Metal Cleaning for stripping paint? Way faster than stripping tanks by hand. Costs about $30.
    I like your stuff.