Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hand me down's

 My good friend billy was giving away a couple things from his youth. This picture was taken in 1983 when the quad and helmet were brand new. My Dad got the quad and runs around the property every once in a while.  I took the helmet and wear it when I ride my XS.   30 years old..


  1. Jared, I own that exact same Suzuki 125 quad. I bought it when I was 12 years old. It is still at my parent's house. It never gets used anymore so it always takes me half of a day to get it going again when I go home to visit. That was actually the first production 4 wheeler ever made in 1982. Up until it came out there were only 3 wheeled ATCs out there. It's called the LT-125 4X6 (which stood for 4 wheels and 6 gears). Small world man.

  2. Ha! nice. I had no idea that it was the first production, good info thanks. That quad will be around for a while im sure