Friday, October 5, 2012

Sold. 1980 Suzuki GN 400

1980 suzuki GN 400 single cylinder .  New Tires, chain, headlight, tailight, grips, filters,wiring. Seat by new church moto. Titled and registered till 2014. It's a very clean bike but not a show bike. Runs great . $4500   I will most likely be taking a trip to so cal from portland so if your in the area I could deliver.

 Some before pics .It needed alot of help.


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  2. Is there any way you would be willing to share the specs on the tires you used on this bike. They're saaaawweeettttt.

  3. yeah i am interested in the tires as well as the wiring system you used
    this bike is bad ass

  4. Hi Jared we jus did an article abt your bike
    CUSTOM SUZUKI GN400 ~ Grease n Gasoline Like us

  5. Thanks , could you change it to sold, so I don't get more emails. Thanks

  6. I have a 81 gn400. I want to know how to delete battery and run off magneto.. plz help

  7. is the front wheel 18inch and the rear 16inch? cheers

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  10. Awesome bike! Can I make a review on the project?

  11. Where did you get your tires from? I would like to order some. Thanks