Sunday, September 23, 2012

Party time!

 Nick D
 Oli G

 Caroline and I picked a good spot

 Before dark we started making a sweat lodge.
 Dig some holes, rope up some sticks and put tarps over the top. We got lava rocks, put them in the fire , put them in the tent and pour water over them. It was so freaking hot in there you could barely breath. After we would jump in the lake.

 Inside the sweat lodge

 The morning after

 Found this in the morning, I thought someone was reaally partying , but it was for June's diabetic dog.
 We did a little late night truck rallying and we shot Nick's truck.
 I woke up and went fishing

 My fishing partner
 Caught a rainbow
 And I ate it
 Caroline trying a new style of sport fishing
 Mud bath's
 Caroline's lazy style of fishing landed her a nice sized brook trout
 She was stoked except for the killing part. This is good cause now I know she would never kill me

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