Friday, March 30, 2012

LA trip

 Snow and rain the whole way in oregon
 Stopped and got a hotel ,got some beers and cleaned the bikes before I got to LA

 Got in LA in the afternoon and and met the Dice mag crew.
 My bikes got to stay in the shop that night
 The next day Dice had everyone meet at the shop for a ride to the garage co for a bike show.
 Front row
 There shop is sick
 Lot's of helmets
 Getting gas for the ride back home
 Went to my pal Marcus's house and parked my bike in his living room
 And we made some gangsta beat's and drank 40's
 Woke up to this note on my truck, passive aggressive much?
 Rode over to my friends at  ashbury and got hooked up with a new pair of riding shades, thanks guy's
 Ive always wanted to sleep with my bike

 Went down to my brother's house to visit him and the family.
Gavin loves monster trucks and motorcycles. He's a Johnson

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