Monday, November 14, 2011

flatbed is done , for now.

 I bought 2   4x10  12 guage sheets. It turns out that they were 3/4'' long on each side so I cut 3/4'' off with my grinder. Burned through about 8 blades.
 The tank didn't fit flat because of the bottom drain plug so I had to build a frame to raise it up a bit.
 Then the perfect storm hit.
 As I left the shop that night I made sure to drag it along the loading dock on my way out.
 Woke up early and found some grease at a local restaurant to fill the tank .
 Hooked up all the grease and coolant lines and insulated them for the cool weather .
Bam! done for now, at least running on grease again but there still is a lot of work to be done on the truck.


  1. Thanks joe, its funny after hauling balls trying to finish this for a moto trip , now we decided to take my trailer.